• Side angle of a black pipe underground that's been exposed and has sprung a leak.
  • Black pipe underground is exposed and has sprung a penny sized leak sending water shooting up.
  • Two men cut into an underground pipe to fix the leak.
  • Four men are working in a pit up to their knees in water to fix a large blue pipe.
  • One man is in a hole up to his neck in water with co-workers around him helping repair a leak.
  • A section of cracked road above a broken underground pipe has been closed off.
  • The completely broken pipe with mud and rocks sitting where the pipe casing once was.
  • A finished pipe fix with silver wrappings on either end of the exposed pipe.
  • Man covered from head to toe in mud standing in a deep and thin trench.
  • A man digs with a shovel to expose the last of a muddy pipe.
  • Two men install a silver covering over a once broken pipe.
  • Man works to cut into concrete as water spills from the ground.
  • Pump works to remove water from a lower trench with workers standing around above.
  • Excavator works to remove dirt from a drench with a pump working to remove water.
  • A large underground pipe is slightly exposed in a deep trench.
  • Excavator removes dirt from a deep trench dug around a large underground pipe.
  • Exposed pipe with a silver patch covering on.

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