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Plumbing Permit Application

  1. (xxx)xxx-xxxx

  2. A: Type of Project

  3. x $.05 = $

  4. Additional Information
    • New/Addition/Repair are calculated on the affected area only. 
      • Square Footage of affected area such as a bathroom remodel. The bathroom would be the affected area.
    • Some projects such as Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ), New Service Only, Gas Test, and Swimming Pool does not require Square Feet Under Roof.
  5. B: Commercial Sur-Tax

  6. Required for all Commercial Permits (Round to nearest dollar amount)

  7. x $.0005 = $

  8. Total Permit Fee

  9. Permit fee is $40.00 or total of (A) or total of (A + B).

  10. Any inspection called for that is not ready upon arrival of the inspector or does not Pass Inspection will result in a fee of $30 per each additional inspection.

  11. Questions?

    Phone: 501-332-3638, opt. 1

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