When am I required to use a Licensed Tradesman to do the work?

(1)  A Master or Journeyman licensed electrician, plumber, HVAC professional is required to perform work other than replacement of existing fixtures, appliances, or similar devices in a building other than the person’s primary residence. 

(2)  The exemption from a licensed professional does not exempt from the permit and inspection requirement for work requiring such. 

17-28-102. Construction and exemptions 

(b) Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to require an individual to hold a license before doing electrical work on his or her primary residence except as otherwise required by state law, rules, regulations, or local ordinances. The exemption from compliance with the licensing standards shall not be referred to in any way and shall not be any evidence of the lack of negligence or the exercise of due care by a party at a trial of any civil action to recover damages by any party.

17-38-302. Exemptions. The licensing provisions of this chapter shall not apply to: (1) Plumbing work done by a property owner in a building owned and occupied by him or her as his or her home except when the license is required by local ordinance; 

(3) Minor repairs consisting of repairing minor working parts of plumbing, fixtures, or the removal of stoppages 

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