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*** Street repaving NOTICE ***

Work has begun on Pine Bluff and Moline Streets.
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Street Notice

Work has begun on Pine Bluff and Moline Streets, which is including milling down the asphalt and overlaying new. This job is being paid for by Arkansas State Aid monies. At the same time, Centerpoint Energy is installing new gas lines in the City and will be cutting several streets and repairing them. Due to the fact, the repaving of Pine Bluff Street will be delayed a short tme until the new gas lines can be installed. The road will be extremely rough and the public is asked to bypass Pine Bluff Street whenever possible. The Mayor apologizes for any inconvience it may cause, but it would be an unwise decision to pave the street and shortly afterwards have it cut 12 to 15 times. Moline Street repair will start at Martin King Luther Blvd and end at Baker Street. The milling and repaving should be finished in the next few days. The Mayor had applied for the State Aid money in January, 2015 and is very glad to see the projects finally being done in the City of Malvern and plans to reapply in January, 2018 for additional streets to be considered. A municipality cannot apply for the monies until the year after a job is completed.

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***NOTICE ***

The Malvern Police Department is now taking credit cards for fine payments.
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The Malvern Building Department is now taking credit cards for Permit Fee payments.
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